Jumpyaida leaked videos onlyfans on twitter and telegram

Jumpyaida told her Instagram followers that she felt «dead ugly» and «needs a complete makeover».

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The 25-year-old shared pictures of herself with different hairstyles on her Instagram story. Jumpyaida’s looks have changed since she won the £1million lottery in 2013.

The only fan star shared the photos online and said she wanted a change, much to the dismay of her hairstylist. She wrote: «I miss blonde hair. Someone convinced Ashley (the barber) to let me do it.»

She then shared a photo of herself with chocolate brown hair and promised her hairstylist she would never look back, after sharing a series of selfies of her own peroxide blonde hair of the amazing photo of her natural hair and wrote: «I love my natural color and feel happy. But I’m bored. You know, when you just feel ugly and need a complete makeover. That’s me, rn.»

Jumpyaida said she wanted a hair makeover. Instagram/Jumpyaida

Just last month, Jumpyaida announced she had been hospitalized. She never revealed the reason for her admission, but has apologized to her fans for not responding to messages. She posted her feet under the quilt on her hospital bed, writing: «Also, I will be in contact with people. The last few days have been busy and I have spent the last 24 hours in the hospital. Sorry I didn’t ignore it. «

Back in June, the Edinburgh beauty showed off her post-surgery body. Jumpyaida, who has more than 200,000 followers on the social media site, shared a photo of herself spending the night in the capital with the caption: «Well done surgeon».

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